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Lightning Connect Custom Adapters for Github

Integration with Github

I occasionally found this article Rendering GitHub JSON Data in Salesforce on the salesforce dev blog and found it very interesting. So I couldn't wait to digest it.

To make the story short: This sample uses the Apex Connector Framework to develop a custom adapter for Salesforce Connect.

The result:

How to implement?

There are only four steps need to do:

  • A apex class that implements the sync and query methods interface of DataSource.Connection
  • A custom adapter class that extends DataSource.Provider.
  • Create a new remote site setting.
  • Create the external data sourcen.

When the above steps are done, we can select through the soql:

SELECT Name__c, Stars__c FROM GitHub_Repos__x

Here is the implementation class for Provider:

global class GitHubProvider extends DataSource.Provider {

    override global List getCapabilities() {
    	List capabilities = new List();
        return capabilities;
    override global List getAuthenticationCapabilities() {
        List capabilities = new List();
        return capabilities;
    override global DataSource.Connection getConnection(DataSource.ConnectionParams connectionsParams) {
        return new GitHubConnection();

Enjoy! You can find the test code in the developerforce/github-custom-adapter GitHub project.

Article By James Ward

This post is originated from the article which is written by James Ward