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Getting data out of Salesforce in near real time

This post is originated from a well-made Apex Hours video Get Data out of Salesforce... which I want to dig it deeper.

It gives a clear picture showing how to better transfer data with salsforce. Of course, if near-real time is not suitable for the case, we could select bulk api with batch.

The main methods of intraction with Salesforce

On Platform Options

  • Outbound Messaging
  • Callouts
  • Salesforce Connect (External Data Source)

Off Platform Options

  • Heroku Connect
  • Streaming API
  • Change Data Capture
  • Polling (REST/SOAP)

Here is the summary table:

What I want to describe a little more is that the second one:'Apex Callout'. As others said in the stackoverflow,

"any action that sends a call to the API counts toward usage limits, except the following : ->
Outbound messages
Apex callouts
The API call limit includes inbound calls only. Outbound calls (i.e. callouts) are only governed by the per transaction and maximum timeout limits." :->stack overflow

So, what I want to say about the governor limit when get data in near-real time by using Apex Callouts, is that there are the per transaction and maximum timeout limits but the 24-hour api number limit is not a problem.(I write a blog to state this is becasue when designing system intergation related to Salesforce, api governor limit is always needs to be considered.)

If necessary, I will continually update this blog.

This post is originated from the video which is made by Patric Connelly.