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The power of JSforce

Why JSforce? JSforce seems to work with nearly all of the Salesforce APIs, including the REST API, Chatter API, Bulk API, and Tooling API. So, let's checkout......

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Integration with Platform Events

As Platform Event and Event-Driven Architecture are becoming the core part of salesforce, this post explains the why, what and how......

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Getting data out of Salesforce in near real time

On Platform Options
-Outbound Messaging
-Salesforce Connect (External Data Source)

Off Platform Options
-Heroku Connect
-Streaming API
-Change Data Capture
-Polling (REST/SOAP).......

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Interact with Salesforce using PHP

By using OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant Type, we can interact with salesforce by using any language. In this sample, the demo uses PHP as its tool. This is a typical sample that shows how to use the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant Type.

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Integration with Google API

Integrate Google API into Salesforce org. The idea behind this is when being given a new item, predict a numeric value for that item, based on similar valued examples in its training data using regression model.

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Lightning Connect Custom Adapters for GitHub

There is an interesting Lightning Connect Custom Adapters sample case on the Salesforce Developers Blog. Considering it may be useful for the future, I picked it up as my first blog.

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